Unlimited Submission to Washington D.C.?

In Tenth Amendment Radio Episode 15 (click prior link to be taken to where you can listen to the show), Michael Boldin (host of TRX radio) made an interesting point concerning Federal Power. He explained that, “This is the Fed’s goal. To not necessarily be everyone’s God – but also their mom, their dad, their employer, their doctor, their nutritionist and everything else. So whether it’s telling us what kind of fats we can have, or what kind of plant we can grow, or when we should live and die for them – they want to make the decision on everything.”

Lesley Swann, State Coordinator for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, agreed. “If you look at Article 1, Section 8 – there’s a few little powers scattered here and there throughout the constitution. But Article 1, Section 8 lists out the Federal Government is supposed to be able to do. And anything outside of that (with of course a few exceptions) falls completely out of the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. Now for instance, if a state government decided we want to ban Marijuana – that would be constitutional. Provided of course that restriction falls in the confines of what is allowed by that State Constitution.“

Michael followed up by saying that, “The real lesson here is that every time we advocate the use of Government to promote something we care about, or to stop something we dislike – what do we end up with? We end up encouraging our opposition to do the same. So if you’re in favor of allowing or prohibiting a particular issue – if you promote the Federal Government controlling that, then what you’ve told your opponents is: “All you need to do is get 51 percent, and you can turn it over and block it.” People always want to accomplish these things on a Federal level, which is misdirected. Because what you’ve just done is empower people who want to create laws to do the exact opposite of what you stand for – and forcing one view on the entire country. The way the system is supposed to work, is that we’ve got this massive country with all these different viewpoints. The worst way to run the country is to make everyone the same. Humans are not the same period. If we at least allow people to be making their decisions on a more local level, then we’ll have options…as Tom Woods said in an interview a while back is, “every four years we see this country engaged in a low grade civil war, with one side bashing the other side over the head, and all these doofuses trying to gain power to run the country for themselves.” And that’s not how things are supposed to work – if we look around us, we see the kind of mess we’re in.”

To read one of Missouri Tenth’s PDF resources relating to the discussion, please see Jonathan Mayhew’s “A Discourse on Unlimited Submission“.

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5 Responses to Unlimited Submission to Washington D.C.?

  1. Dan Morrissette says:

    Without checking the source first, I’ll fire the first shot…. Depends on what things you’re trying to accomplish and how you’re trying to accomplish them… Obama intends to work around congress to get his jobs bill done. He’s exceeding his constitutional authority.

  2. Of course it is NOT proper to try to accomplish everything on the federal level. First it is impractical, second it is not authorized by the Constitution (see the Ninth and Tenth Amendments), and third it would lead to mob rule (pure democracy) and violation of minority rights.

    Let us consider James Madison’s words from the Federal Convention on June 19, 1787 on the nature of a federal union of delegated authority over a few items and the results when the principles are breached (tyranny of the majority):

    “If we consider the federal union as analogous to the fundamental compact by which individuals compose one Society, and which must in its theoretic origin at least, have been the unanimous act of the component members, it can not be said that no dissolution of the compact can be effected without unanimous consent. A breach of the fundamental principles of the compact by a part of the Society would certainly absolve the other part from their obligations to it. If the breach of any article by any of the parties, does not set the others at liberty, it is because, the contrary is implied in the compact itself, and particularly by that law of it, which gives an indifinite authority to the majority to bind the whole in all cases. This latter circumstance shews that we are not to consider the federal Union as analogous to the social compact of individuals: for if it were so, a Majority would have a right to bind the rest, and even to form a new Constitution for the whole…”

  3. carknow32 says:

    Missouri Martial Law: https://missouritenth.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/missouri-martial-law.pdf
    Constitutional Rejection: https://missouritenth.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/americanslavery.pdf
    Jefferson Wisdom: https://missouritenth.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/jefferson.pdf
    Additionally, should the President have the ability to use Nuclear Weapons, based on one man’s decision alone? Are speedy decisions really as necessary as we think? Or should a national policy attempt to work to diffuse any potential situations which would need swift (and possibly fool-hardy) decisions?

    • spinoza1111 says:

      I agree with the late Oppenheimer: the fusion weapon is evil. But given that it exists, if I were President, and missiles were on the way, it would be needful for me to authorize our own release in order to live up to my oath to protect and defend. It might destroy all life on earth (or might not), but the alternative would be that the enemy’s land would be unaffected save by radiation flowing on wind currents, whereas the United States of America (including those little statelets to which you so strangely profess loyalty-to) would be a smoking ruin.

      Executive authority has been repeatedly abused! But I marched and protested the Vietnam war, part of its misuse! I marched and protested both of our Oil wars! Did you?

      Form and content, boys, form and content. The form of Executive authority can have a good content and a bad content.

      When Dwight David Eisenhower the bigod President sent the 101st bigod Airborne to enforce the Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment in Little Rock, Executive authority was used for good.

      When he allowed the Dulles boys to overthrow Mossadegh in Iran, Executive authority was used for evil.

      When Abraham Lincoln, our greatest President, used executive authority to suspend Habeas in 1861 because Congress was not in session and Washington was threatened, Executive authority was used for good.

      When Jeff Davis refused, at first, to abide by Robert E Lee’s decision at Appomatox and tried to continue the Civil war, the Executive authority given him by the Confederate constitution was used for evil.

      When John F Kennedy used the threat of nuclear war to prevent it in Oct 1962, executive authority was used for good.

      Barack Obama has misused his powers by killing Osama and detaining American citizens, mostly because the big boys would’ve overthrown his ass in a military coup had he not done so. But he has also effected significant reductions in America’s useless and evil fusion arsenal!

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